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The Department of Marine Sciences is leading a multi-institutional interdisciplinary project funded through the National Oceanographic Partnership Program. We refer to the project as FRONT, which stands for "Front-Resolving Observational Network with Telemetry." FRONT has several observational components, including a suite of autonomous ocean sensors (ADCP's, profiling CTD's, and a profiling plankton observatory) that is measuring physical and biological properties throughout the water column. These instruments are mounted on the ocean bottom, and are communicating to shore with a wireless network of underwater acoustic modems. To supplement this underwater array, we have satellite measurements of temperature and color, and shore-based HF radar (CODAR) measurements of surface currents. These real-time data streams are being assimilated into physical and biological models. The accuracy of assimilation products are tested with data from a series of high resolution ship surveys.

January 2002 (ppt presentation)

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